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Outdoor Birthday Table

Birthday Box 

Providing children in need with Happy Birthdays!

The Birthday Box is a “party in a box” that is delivered to a child in need (who lives on the ridge) who may not otherwise have a celebration on their special day. 

What is it?

The "Birthday Box" is a compassionate and heartwarming program designed to ensure that every child, regardless of their circumstances, can experience the joy and celebration of their birthday. Aimed at supporting children in need, residing on the Ridge, this initiative seeks to bridge the gap in joy and celebration that financial hardships can create.


At its core, the Birthday Box is a "party in a box." It's thoughtfully curated to include all the essentials needed to host a birthday celebration, allowing a child who might not otherwise have the means for a party to feel special, celebrated, and remembered on their big day. The box typically contains party supplies such as decorations, balloons, a birthday cake or cake mix, utensils, and gifts tailored to the age and interests of the child. For children aged 0 to 18, items included are often age-appropriate toys, books, and sometimes clothing, ensuring that the contents not only provide celebration but also practical use.

The contents typically include:

• Tableware: This includes plates, napkins, cups, and a tablecloth, providing the necessary items for serving food and drinks during the celebration.

• Decorations: Streamers, curling ribbon, balloons, and tape are included to decorate the party space, creating a festive atmosphere.

• Small Gift for Child: Lastly, a birthday gift is included for the birthday child. It is left unwrapped but accompanied by a birthday card and a gift bag or tissue paper for the family to use when wrapping it, allowing them to personalize the gift presentation.

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Want to help?

 We collect toys and party supplies for kids 0-18 Years and create Birthday Boxes.

We accept only new and unopened toys and supplies.

We will gladly accept:

  • Toys or gift cards (We provide gifts for children ages 0-18 yrs.)

  • Bakery or grocery store gift cards

  • Birthday wrapping paper

  • Corrugated brown boxes medium-sized

  • Packaged candles, new packages of party plates, napkins and/or forks

  • Party decorations (blowers, party hats)

How you can help...

  • Make a donation. We will use your gift to purchase toys and supplies for the boxes.

  • Donate a new toy or gift card (We provide gifts for children ages 0-18 yrs.)

  • Donate a gift certificate for cupcakes/cake.

  • Donate wrapping paper or a corrugated brown box

  • Donate a package of candles, a new package of party plates, napkins and/or forks (no bulk packages, please)

  • Donate new party decorations (blowers, party hats….)

  • Donate batteries for electronic toys, packing tape and scotch tape for wrapping

Sign up for a Birthday Box 

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