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Moms of the Ridge” is a vibrant and inclusive organization on a mission to foster a close-knit community where mothers, families, caregivers, and guardians come together to create enriching experiences for children. At the heart of our mission is a dual focus: nurturing the well-being of children and prioritizing the self-care and mental health of those who care for them.


With a deep commitment to building connections, “Moms of the Ridge” provides a platform for meaningful interactions and shared adventures. We believe that by collectively curating engaging activities, we can create lasting memories for children and forge strong bonds between families.


Beyond the joy of shared experiences, our organization recognizes the crucial importance of self-care and mental health for mothers and caregivers. Through workshops, support groups, and resources, we strive to empower our members to prioritize their own well-being. We aim to create a safe space where open dialogue and personal growth can flourish.


At “Moms of the Ridge,” our vision is to be more than just a community – we’re a supportive network that celebrates the joys of parenthood while acknowledging its challenges. Join us in creating a space where children thrive, families flourish, and individuals find the support they need to lead balanced, fulfilling lives.


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